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As is easy to guess, the reception deskis a very special space in a company for many reasons. The first one is that it is the first image we give of it. In addition, it serves us by the same to transmit the identity of our own company in the way in which we choose. That is why we want to offer you some decoration tips for the reception of your company below. You can find numerous alternatives to do so in our office furniture catalogue.

1.- Take into account the furniture of your reception

One of the essential points when decorating a reception and giving it a good image of our own company is to choose the furniture well. This must be based on the identity of the company and we must understand it as an essential element to transmit our values ​​with it. With this, we must take into account its colour and design.

On the other hand, the reception should be a transit space but at the same time waiting in many cases. For this reason, we must provide it with enough chairs so that those who have to wait do not have to do it standing up. In this sense, we also recommend you consider including puffs at your reception. We must also have basic reception furniture such as counters as well as coat racks where objects that are brought from the street can be left. You can not miss tables for reading, plants and in general all the elements that increase comfort.

2.- Distribution

The distribution of reception is another of its essential elements. This is the result of the conjunction of space with the elements found in it. That is why, first of all, take into account the space we have so as not to overcrowd it. A good option to make the most of the space and give a feeling of spaciousness are reception desks such as those at Interior Solutions.

3.- Better to contribute neutral colours if you are not clear on the idea

In a recent article on office decoration, we talked about the impact that colour has on the different environments of a workspace such as an office. In the case of orange, it is a suitable colour for these reception spaces as a consequence of the fact that it conveys joviality and warmth.

However, if you are not sure what colour to use, we recommend that you go for neutral tones. These will help, on the one hand, to increase the feeling of spaciousness and, on the other, to make the most of the colour of the furniture, making it more lively and with a more dynamic appearance of the entire room.

4.- Don’t forget the natural elements

We have also told you at Interior Solutions about ecological offices. These are offices that, in addition to offering greater and better energy performance and more responsible use of it, offer green spaces. These are a great encouragement for both workers and people who visit our reception. Therefore, they are an element that we cannot forget: placing small plants in places where they do not hinder is always a great option to give a touch of freshness.

5.- Art and entertainment, essential aspects in a reception

When decorating a reception, we should also provide it with artistic elements as well as entertainment elements. In the first case, it is a very good idea to hang photographs or pictures that contribute to making the entire space visually richer. They also help create a feeling of calm and tranquillity.

Whenever possible, we can also offer entertainment elements such as a television that serves to liven up the wait. This is especially indicated for businesses where the waits can be long, for example, in clinics in general and the dentist in particular.

5 types of reception desks and their characteristics

The reception desks are an essential element in any workspace and more specifically in offices. That is why as experts in office furniture we want to talk to you about 5 types of reception desks and their main characteristics so that you can draw inspiration for your own spaces. It is always important to know how to organize the furniture in your office to get the most out of it: in this sense, the counters can help you be the beginning of the organization of the entire space.

1.- Reception desks: Basic models

The first type of reception desk we want to talk about is the Basic. This is a simple and functional type of small counter that has a space in the central part dedicated to customer service.

Its modular nature means that it can be adapted and composed according to the arrangement that most interests us according to our own needs. Thus, it shows a functional but simple design composed of 19mm melamine and high-quality finishes with metal fittings. It has a specific module for people with reduced mobility.

2.- Advance Model

The next model among the reception desks that we want to tell you about is the Advance. This is a taller model with a decorative metal panel on the front and a plinth on the bottom. It is a model that is available in various colours and that has a simple and elegant design where there is a work table that serves as a counter.

It is, in short, a model that combines very well its elegance with its functionality and at the same time separate spaces for the client and the staff. Ideal to give a modern and avant-garde look to any space.

3.- Large reception desks:

The next model in our selection of reception desks is the Qubo. It is a model of Italian design that has a modern look that does not leave anyone indifferent and that has melamine finishes. For this reason, it is a high-quality and resistant counter that has a plinth at the bottom and an optional one at the front.

It is a very functional counter whose concept is based on square shapes and square finishes that offers great elegance for any space where it is installed. It is arranged in an open rectangle with 90º angles and has different finishes so that we can choose the one we like the most: Moorish oak, light oak, grey, glossy white or tobacco oak.

Complementary elements such as drawers, lamps or auxiliary modules can be added to it.

4.- Abako counter

The next proposal among our reception desks is the Abako. This is an edgy and modern looking counter that makes a great first impression. It is made of chipboard and is separated into modules that have a greater aesthetic value and at the same time great functionality.

Undoubtedly, it is a counter that leaves no one indifferent and that is perfect for a reception space where we want to give a modern and avant-garde feeling.

The material of its boards is chipboard of between 16 and 18 millimetres that is covered with melamine with different possible finishes. It has modules and possible accessories such as lateral, channelling, lighting, etc.

In short, a highly functional piece that we can take advantage of to give ourselves and our reception space the best possible image.

5.- LED reception desk

The fifth of our reception desk models is the LED type. This is a clear, intelligent, elegant and very avant-garde model where purpose is to take advantage of LED lighting. It is made of melamine and has rectangular shapes and high-quality materials that give it great resistance and durability.

It is a counter that can give our customers a very warm feeling and whose melamine is 18 mm with different possible finishes: dark oak, walnut, white or light. Side drawers can be added to it as well as channelling, open modules, drawers, etc.

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