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ECA SSP02 Adjustable Mobile Workstation

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SSP-02 Height Adjustable Mobile Workstation

Having the flexibility to sit and stand during your work day has incredible health benefits. It promotes better circulation, breathing, digestion and keeps your mind focused. This model features a tiltable desktop with four tilt angles for customizable ergonomic positioning. The edge stopper keeps your items in place and the casters enable this table to be mobile to go where you need it to go. This Hight Adjustable standing desk is easy to operate and a great addition to any office, school or home.

Replacing the SSP01


Foot pedal effortlessly adjusts to desired height
Pneumatic height adjustment
Height range of 29.8” – 44.4”
Tiltable desktop for optimal angle (0°, 10°, 20°, 30°)
Safety Ledge Stopper: prevents your devices from slipping
Worksurface size of 23.6” x 20.5”
Weight capacity of 17.6 lbs
Heavy-duty casters for smooth mobility (2 locking)
Available in White


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