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ECA HAT–2C3–SM Height Accommodating Desk

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This heavy duty electrical model has two legs and two motors that are incorporated into the leg for a sleek look and quiet activation. The remote has an LED readout that allows for the user to see the height of the table as well as having 4 presents that enable to user to save up to 4 favourite working heights. It is adjustable office desk in height and width to give you the most options possible. One of the major additional features of this model is that the frame has been off-cantered backwards to allow for a centre keyboard.


• Two Legs, with two motors in a rectangular profile • Smart controller (+/- switch with safety stop, LED display, 4 memory pre-sets) • Dual synchronized motors with central controller • Weight capacity 120 kg / 265 lbs • Height range 23” – 48” (Plus work surface) • Width range 43” – 63” • 3 stage leg

Seat height: ”
Seat width: ”
Seat depth: ”
Back height: ”
Weight: 75 lbs
Cube: 2.4
COM: yards

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