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Office layout design: 5 tips to consider for your workspace

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Arguably, you and your employees will spend somewhere between 25-32% of your lives in the office. So you want an office layout that is comfortable, enjoyable, and functional. And to achieve this, there are some essential office workplace design tips you need to consider.

We understand that how you design your workspace influences you and your staff’s productivity and overall well-being. So, in this blog post, we have shared five workplace layout design tips to create the best working environment.

1.       Have a plan

Nothing great comes by accident. Before going ahead with your office workspace design, you need to set out a plan. Know the kind of changes you would like to have and set out a budget. It wouldn’t be great to run out of funds in the middle of a project because you didn’t plan.

Also, ask for your employee opinion—probably through a poll—to know the kind of environment they would be more productive in.

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Tip: If you find the planning process daunting (workspace layout can get complicated), you should consider hiring a professional office layout designer.

Do you need professional help with your workplace design in Toronto? We at Interior Solutions are ready to help. Contact us.

2.       Figure out what furniture pieces to keep or discard

Before rearranging your workspace, look around to determine those pieces of furniture that are no longer desirable. Old and poorly crafted furniture can cause years of chronic back pain and eye strain to mention a few. You would need to replace those old chairs with ergonomic desk chairs. This kind of chair features an adjustable seat, armrest, headrest, padded material, and stability. Although such furniture might eat into your budget, it will save healthcare costs of employee pain and discomfort in the long run.

3.       Multi-purpose Office Layout design arrangement

A modern workplace design tip is to have space with diverse functions. The area can serve as a standard coworking space for a few workers, hold a small meeting, a place to take a break, grab a coffee, and rejuvenate.

Having a place where they take breaks and lounge is satisfying, encouraging, and refreshing to exhausted workers. So you want to have couches, coffee tables, a bookshelf, and even a game area. Having an office layout with such variety helps your workers function at their best.

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4.       Bringing nature to Workspace & Office Layout

Everybody loves nature. A piece of greenery in the office creates a sense of warmth and homeliness, and this is what Biophilic design focuses on as a discipline.

Studies show that having plants in the workspace helps to boost productivity. Not just flowers but plants; green plants.

5.       Natural lighting

Good lighting is proven to positively impact mood, health, productivity, and general well-being. Rather than keeping windows strictly for the executives, it’s best to have an employee co-working space design where sunlight can filter through the window. With transparent divider walls, this can be achieved. You can also use sunlight desk lamps to simulate natural lighting in areas out of sunlight’s reach.

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Professional workspace designer and decorator Toronto

Doing something outside your skillset can prove daunting. For professional help with your workspace design in Toronto, give us a call. We at Interior Solutions will take the burden of your office layout design while you focus on what matters most to you.

Contact us.

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