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Office Layout Design: 4 Layout Design Ideas to Consider in 2021

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Arguably, the best office layout design idea is relatively different for every business and organization. The key is finding a balance between what’s best for the business and the employees at the same time.

Notably, the type of office layout design adopted by a business will, in turn, affect the productivity of the employees – either negatively or positively. Some employees may work best in an open space based on your organizational requirement. And it’d be a mistake to create private offices for such employees.

What’s the best workplace layout for me?

The experts at Interior Solutions Office Furniture Mississauga have helped compile a list of the top office layout design ideas in 2021, their pros and cons, and why they might be the best for your business or organization.

Open plan workplace design with hotdesking

office layout design

Arguably, this office layout idea is the most commonly used of all. Highly favored by tech startups and creative firms worldwide, the workplace layout is designed with no partitions or walls to separate employees. And the office workspace design can easily be expanded, contracted, or reconfigured based on the growing needs of your organization.

As much as this office layout enhances workplace communication, hasten decision making and is cost-effective, it, however, provides no or little privacy to employees and can easily get them distracted.


Open plan office workspace design with sections for teams

Unlike the open plan workspace design with hotdesking, this office layout is best for organizations that need in-house team members to collaborate on specific projects or deliverables. The co-working space is designed to accommodate a cluster of employees with the same goal on the same desk.

Although the cluster-like Office Layout Design enhances teamwork, saves floor space, improves communication flow, it, however, doesn’t leave room for individual spaces and it’s highly prone to workplace noise and distractions.

workspace design

Cubicle workspace design (Office Layout Design)

This office layout design is a compromise between the open workplace design with hotdesking and the private office. It allots private spaces – in form of a cubicle – to each employee. Each cubicle is created with partitions that sometimes reach up to the ceiling. This gives a sense of privacy to everyone.

Although this office layout promotes a sense of equality, fosters focus by eliminating workplace distractions, and creates more privacy, it, however, restricts workspace communications and requires more space to pull up.

Co-working space design

Simply put, the co-working offices are designed for commercial purposes. They are lease out by third parties to businesses that need more flexibility working – digital nomads, freelancers, independent contractors, and startups. They’re always equipped with modern facilities. And they have different types of offices – single rooms, executive offices, conference halls, and open floors.

The co-working space office layout is great for networking, flexible and it’s cost-effective for companies that don’t have a workplace of their own. Its limitations are that users have no/little privacy and can be prone to cyber-attacks of any kind.

Conclusively, you need to know the nature of tasks performed at your organization, the level of interaction needed between employees; amongst themselves, and with clients for optimum productivity. This will in turn tell on the best office layout design or workspace design to adopt.

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