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We like helping you in re-designing your office to fit your brand and style. Our design staff will support you in selecting products that reflect your company’s image. You should concentrate on your image so that clients and associates feel at ease in an area that is both efficient and productive.

We realize that your office is more than simply a place to live and work; it’s an extension of a company brand and a promise to those with those whom you do business. Your choice to modify your interior office space is an investment in your company’s future. Our clients are our primary priority at Interior Solutions. Our team of experienced design specialists considers everything to ensure that our objectives are achieved during this phase.

We can develop floor plans of existing areas using today’s modern technology to assist you in preparing your next move, realignment, or enhancement with solutions that are flexible and inexpensive. We provide in-house space planning and interior design services to ensure clients get exactly what they want in a simple, streamlined procedure. Our architectural members are highly trained and experienced in creating practical, logical, and visually beautiful environments while also meeting clients’ needs.

Office Furniture Design and Planning

All do not desire the same office layout. Your company is unique, and your office should do the same. Our office furnishings planning and construction team at INTERIOR SOLUTIONS consults with you to create the ideal setting. A good design is the first step toward a popular modern office. We can organize in a way that makes their day-to-day job smoother and more efficient by thinking about how people move around your space. The key is to find out just how much space you’ll need. Our designers meet with you in person or over the phone for a free consultation to learn approximately your specific needs. If you have a particular look in mind, we can make things happen.

Our office furniture design and planning use AutoCAD and other design software to create a virtual 2D design so you can view the finished setup after the plan is completed. This 2D overview allows you to understand the broad picture better and even change things around if required. Our custom manufacturing choices enable us to develop yet another solution for you.

Our office furniture design and planning team can also use 3D models and renders to help you imagine your finalized area. Our drawings include the laminate, metal, and fabric finishes you specify for your project, providing you with a photo-realistic image of your furniture before production starts. When you’re satisfied with your outcomes, we start working on the perfections of the decoration.

office layout

The Space Planning and Design Process consists of the following steps:

  • Discussion on-site
  • Taking samples in space
  • Determine your requirements to ensure the best product choices for you.
  • Recompilation planning
  • Furniture alternatives in 2-dimensional renderings/drawings in your space
  • Aid to Vision
  • Solutions that are either creative and practical
  • From conception to completion, they coordinate the entire project.

Some of our agreements with top recognized Interior design companies may include internal planning, reflected ceiling designs, lighting strategies, environment, and advising.

Glass Wall, Glass Partition, Glass Divider Wall, Glass Office Walls, all are accessible at Interior Solutions Office Supplies Mississauga. Interior Solutions is a prominent manufacturer of demountable wall systems that are entirely customizable. Our flexible walls provide immediate utilization and aesthetic impact due to our dedication to delivering fast, cost-effective, and high-quality space solutions.

We produce stunning space creation for: We offer experience operating across all industries that deliver beautiful setting creations for:

  • Conference rooms
  • Offices that is private or semi-private
  • In-Plant 
  • Rapid Subdivisions
  • Customized Projects

Enjoy a pain-free experience with our attention to detail, whatever your demands may be.

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