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How To Choose a Company Sofa?

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Companies will experience real organizational challenges in the coming weeks. Some are linked in particular to the implementation from the structure to the design, including the preferred coverings, today we pay particular attention to the choice of a company sofa. First of all, let’s take a look at the essential criterion for professional furniture: dimensions.


The Interior solutions agency selects furniture produced locally for your company or failing that, in the case of very specific furniture, furniture produced in a limited geographical area. The custom design is also carried out to produce most of the elements in Canada (desk, table, storage, etc.). The choice of local is all the more justified in terms of furniture as made in Canada is also synonymous with creativity and innovation. In addition to product traceability, you can ensure premium quality and render as well as durability over time.

Company sofa


To determine the desired size for your professional sofa, it is essential to take an interest in the layout and intended uses of the room. Is it a waiting room? An informal space or a meeting room? The entire choice of sofa will be based on the primary function of the targeted space and therefore on the associated flows. To this will be added the space available and its inherent technical constraints: spandrel, right angle, spaces requiring made-to-measure furniture, etc. Finally, it is necessary to precisely determine the number of seats required for the sofa. For waiting areas, it is preferable to favor the modularity of the sofa or even to add individual elements (ottomans, stools).


There are many references for company sofas but not all are suited to your layout issues. Corner or straight sofa, with voluptuous organic or even strict lines, there is something for all tastes and especially for all styles. For small spaces, consider favoring sofas without armrests and with a reduced encroachment. Structure side: in wood, rattan, brass or metal, choose the one that best suits your interior and the resistance required given the estimated traffic.


The range of coverings offered by specialists in office furnishings is wide. To make your choice with relevance, the essential criteria will be the following: comfort, design, resistance, flow and maintenance. Here are a few examples.

The leather is selected for its quality, its discreet charm and its patina over time. We prefer imitation leather for reasons of budget, customization and ease of maintenance.

The fabric is ideal for spaces with low traffic. Infinitely customizable, it has a warm and friendly design. However, beware of its messy side in the context of reception areas.

Nubuck and suede should be favored in informal spaces or micro working places. Comfortable and trendy, they will bring a cocoon note to your layout.

Linen blends wonderfully into a space requiring a timeless and refined design with its neutral and soft hues.

On the velvet side, it’s about playing on colours and textures in its ribbed versions. High-end, chic or colorful, it will add a cosy touch to your interior if it is used sparingly.

The synthetic material is designed for its functional side, its competitive cost and its ease of maintenance.


In 2020, sofas are reinventing themselves every day to adapt to your interior design and design. We opt for wood with a magnificent Scandinavian sofa for a soft, tender and timeless effect. The cane will go well with a more jungle style. Finally, we choose brass with its Art Deco style, or rattan to recall the 50s or 60s with its natural materials. Bohemian chic, or retro, modern or timeless inspiration, trust an office fit-out specialist to choose all of your furniture.

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