Glass divider wall design ideas to consider in 2021

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Whether you’re remodeling your home or office, do not conclude your plans without considering glass divider wall. While glass partition walls have always been relevant in office spaces, they’re especially so now that businesses require easily disinfect able surfaces. The Covid-19 pandemic continues to ravage in 2021, so you need office glass partitions to separate you, your staff, and customers.

Hence, this blog post explores some glass partition wall ideas that are relevant in 2021.

1.       Glass office dividers for your staff

As much as we want to deny it, there is a risk when there’s physical interaction among staff just returning from the public. But creating opaque walls might make each employee feel isolated. It’s, therefore, a wise idea to use a glass wall partition to form cubicles for each employee. They would be able to see each other and communicate as if there was no barrier.

Additionally, glass dividers do not alter lighting significantly. Natural sunlight and desk lamp still maintain their normal illumination within glass cubicles.

Demountable Partitions

2.       Demountable Partitions (Glass walls Divider)

Demountable wall systems, also called demountable partitions, are architectural walls that can be unmounted and moved with ease. You can dismount a demountable wall from its spot and reinstall it in a new location where it’s now needed more.

As mobility is now getting more required in our lives more than ever, you can decide to bring in a demountable wall system to your workspace.

Note that there are two types of demountable partitions: the modular wall system comes in pieces and requires effort to assemble. On the other hand, unitized walls arrive on-site as a unit assembly and do not require as much labour in the assemblage.

3.       Customized glass walls as an aesthetic design inclusion

Most offices today are moving towards glass divider walls rather than concrete walls. From enclosed executive meeting rooms to lobbies and coworking spaces, glass partitioning is now a stylish choice for commercial spaces.

And we at Interior Solutions can give you a bespoke commercial glass design according to your requirements anywhere in Toronto and surrounding areas.

We have a lot of aesthetic ideas when it comes to glass partitioning. For example, we can create an enclosed glass conference room within a larger workspace by setting up wall glass panels to form the conference. We can set the glass office walls in the form of a square, pentagon, or whatever shape you desire.

Glass wall Partition

4.       Glass partition walls as sneeze guards

As we continue to battle Covid-19, having glass partitions between staff and customers is a great idea. If you have a retail office, then glass sneeze guards are a must-have.

Although using glass in high traffic areas is not recommended, it is valuable to have glass partitioning where direct transactions occur between the customer and staff.

At Interior Solutions Mississauga, we can use acrylic and polycarbonate sheets as ideal substitutes for glass. These two materials are excellent as screens even in high traffic areas. They are also beneficial for their ease of disinfection.

Glass divider wall solutions Mississauga

At Interior Solutions, we are all about quality, productivity, and functionality in the office space. Get your aesthetic and functional glass divider wall by contacting us today.

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