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Showroom Environments and Setup

Design your Workplace & Office Space with Interior Solutions Design Center.
A showroom is a space for displaying products and services, They are a marketing tool that typically serve several functions:

Promoting products to customers by allowing them to play with new models and see prototypes or upcoming concepts.

Representing your brand with a physical environment. Showrooms often have lavish interiors designed to impress.

Customer Experience
Creating an experience around your brand that involves elements such as social interaction.

Media Relations
Connecting with local media and influencers. For example, a fashion showroom that holds fashion presentations for fashion magazines and blogs.

Generating sales leads or closing sales.

In many cases, showrooms are a recognition that many customers use shops to see products and then order things online. A showroom is often used to stimulate e-commerce sales and possibly direct those sales to your e-commerce platform.

Providing customer service functions such as answering questions or performing repairs.
Customer Relationships
Building relationships with customers. For example, salespeople may socialize with their customers when the customer comes in for regular maintenance.

Managing partner relationships. In some cases, showrooms are only open to distribution partners. This is common when a brand doesn’t sell directly to customers.

glass wall partition

Acting as a distribution point in a logistics chain. For example, ecommerce orders can be delivered to the showroom for pickup or local delivery.

Reverse Logistics
Handling returns and end-of-life reuse and recycling.
Providing value added services such as training.
Holding media, industry and customer appreciation events.

Temporary showrooms may be used to camp near large industry events such as a fashion week.
very interior designer should have access to a showroom where they can show you a wide variety of options for your home. The best interior designers should have their very own showrooms.
The next question is: What makes a showroom a showstopper?
The best interior design showrooms share a specific set of qualities as traits that take their designs and customer service experiences to new levels of sophistication. Today I’m sharing these secrets with you! You can finally find a showroom that meets your style needs.
Quality Pieces, Not Trendy Ones
High end interior design should stand the test of time. Sadly, most showrooms today focus more on passing fads than they do timeless principles. A superior showroom will showcase its quality and style of products, not just the hottest trends of the day. (Trends are temporary – quality is forever!)
It’s natural to want to stay current when decorating your home, and you can incorporate design trends in myriad ways as artwork, accent walls, vintage pieces, colourful accessories but these pieces should never be the focal point of any design. A superior showroom will carry well-made pieces that won’t look dated five years from now.

Incredible Lighting
Lighting can be a make-or-break moment for showrooms. It is one of the most important elements of interior design, and a poorly lit room can spoil the ambience. Lighting also plays a huge role in the functionality of a room. (A high-end interior designer would never light a bedroom the way they would kitchen.)
Lighting techniques and technologies are constantly evolving. Incandescent bulbs were the standard for more than one hundred years until fluorescents came long. Now LEDs are the most efficient lights on the market. As crazy as it sounds, we spent an enormous amount of money on state of the art LEDs years ago. We recently discovered an even better type of LED, and spent $100k relighting the entire showroom.
This new lighting is absolutely breathtaking. Our showroom looks brighter, cleaner and more streamlined that ever before and the lighting is just as impactful from a distance as it is up close. Even the tiniest of details can be admired from afar. It makes the world of difference for our clients and design team.

Clear Options
When you walk into the average showroom, what you see is what you get. Maybe you can pick a different fabric or finish, but your choices are very limited. A superior showroom will present you with a variety of design options that best fit your needs and lifestyle. This includes choices of fabric, color, texture, wall finishes, flooring, lighting, and accent pieces.

Comfortable Luxury
Contrary to popular belief, high end furniture can as and should as be comfortable. Did you know that we can raise the height of a table, change the back of a chair, or add more density to a sofa cushion? No? You’re not alone. A superior showroom has customizable pieces that are luxurious, functional and comfortable.
Our Approach to the Interior Design Showroom
I don’t want to sell my design clients a trend that is hot today and gone tomorrow. I want them to enjoy their homes, their condominiums, and their offices for years to come. I believe in leading my clients in the right direction by designing timeless spaces are not selling passing fads. We also pride ourselves on quality, and we stand by our products. They have longevity and versatility. Five years from now, our pieces will still look great in their homes.
At Interiors by Steven G., our chairs and sofas have hundreds of fabric choices and finishes. We can adjust the fill, foam and density to make our cushions firmer or softer are anything to make our clients happy. With us it’s not just about designing beautiful homes. We want to create warm, welcoming spaces that family and friends can enjoy for years to come.


We plan, design, build, and furnish your office space.

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