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Custom Furniture

We’re more than just designers. We offer Custom Furniture whether you need office desks, office chairs, office kitchens, storage units, or other custom Office Furniture in Mississauga or anywhere in the region, INTERIOR SOLUTIONS can help. We make most items ourselves in our in-house shop, and our network of professionals in electrical, glass, metal, and other industries make sure all aspects of your project are covered.

With designers and manufacturers under the same roof, the transition of your design to production is smooth. Our production team follows your specifications and finishes including your choice of laminate, metal paint, and fabric to match your office’s style.

Our CNC machine provides a higher amount of efficiency and waste reduction than traditional tools. This allows us to make precise shapes and sizes by working with design software. The automation also makes this process much faster, allowing us to get your custom office furniture project ready in time.

With your ideas and our expertise, your project can be completed with Canadian-made, high quality furniture built to last as Interior Solutions is the best Office Furniture in Toronto.
Contact us today to get started.


We plan, design, build, and furnish your office space.

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