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Commercial Office Design Ideas to Consider in 2021

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Undoubtedly, the effect of work culture and physical office environment on workers’ general well-being has invoked innovations in office designs. Office decorators and designers are now looking for ways to create the perfect commercial office design.

Whether you are a startup or a growing business, these 7 office space design ideas in 2021 can help you bring the best out of your workspace.

1. Open floor plan office interior design

In modern times, more and more businesses are moving towards commercial office designs with fewer walls. Creating such an open space can foster more collaboration and accessibility among your staff. The openness encourages employees to move more freely, which is beneficial to their health.

Tip: Getting custom office design ideas for your unique workspace is easier than you think. Office decorators are willing to help you through consultation. For your commercial office design ideas in Mississauga, schedule a consultation with us today.

2. Homely appeal

Creating a sense of ease in your workspace has been proven to improve creativity among staff. Make your employees feel relaxed and less pressured with comfy seats. A homely meeting space with vases and cushy chairs around a table can make brainstorming more resultful.

3. Multipurpose office space design

Another modern office interior design for 2021 is a space with diverse functions. The area can serve as normal office space for a few workers, a place to take a break and rejuvenate, and also a place to hold small meetings. This can be achieved by placing a few office chairs around a desk, a couch at a corner, and probably using a glass divider wall to separate space for the sake of privacy.

The versatility this commercial office design idea brings can help the modern office to be more functional. Besides, the versatility helps to keep up with the ever-growing demands of today.

4. Window views for all

In time past, having a window view at the office used to be a luxury for a select few. All others have to bear with artificial lighting day in and day out.

But modern times have seen the narrative flipped. You can use glass divider walls throughout the floor so that natural sunlight passes through to every employee within that space. This is essential for employees’ health.

5. Bringing nature to the office space

Everybody loves nature. A piece of greenery in the office creates a sense of warmth and homeliness, and this is what Biophilic design focuses on as a discipline.

Studies show that having plants in the workspace helps to boost productivity. Not just flowers but plants; green plants.

6. Lounge

Having a healthy working culture is paramount to bringing the best out of your team and employees. Having space where they take breaks and lounge is satisfying, encouraging, and rejuvenating to exhausted workers. So you want to have couches, coffee tables, a bookshelf. It is a great idea to work with an office space planner and decorator.

7. Integrating technology with furniture

It is often a hassle finding an outlet to plug your computer. But furniture design companies are now manufacturing office furniture pieces with technology integrations. Such furniture may come with outlets, of which the cords are channelled away discreetly, keeping the workstation tidy and safe. This modern office design enables employees to focus on their work rather than battling power issues.

Interior Solutions – Providing Commercial Office Design Mississauga

At Interior Solutions, we are committed to providing top-quality office design and office furniture. Whether you’re looking for office furniture or an office decorator for your office designs in Mississauga or Toronto, you can rely on Interior Solutions to develop a custom plan for your business.

Contact us today.

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